The automotive data service platform

The operation is set in motion by data providers as they upload raw vehicle data onto the decentralized data marketplace, or AMO Market. Upon sharing, data becomes available for purchase in exchange for AMO Coin, the virtual currency native to AMO. Data consumers looking to acquire vehicle data are then able to purchase data on AMO Market. This virtuous cycle of mutually beneficial trade is mediated by the secure, reliable, and neutral infrastructure provided by AMO.
While data providers maintain ownership over their data, data consumers are granted individual access rights to a specific set of car data upon purchase. Restrictions on time or scale of data use can be applied on a case-to-case basis. AMO Market solely provides the environment for trade and does not assume data ownership rights.
Data Provider

Those who contribute to the market by allowing access to their data
AMO Market

The platform that facilitates data trade and valuation
Data Consumer

Those who purchase access to data
AMO Market supplies all data generated in relation to automobiles, including data gathered from the various environments that interact with vehicles.
Driving Data
internal data or data from the car itself
communication data between the car and its surroundings
data from the use of applications and car features
favorite radio channels, frequently used mobile apps, drive-thru payment history, etc.
communication data between the car and its surroundings
weather and road conditions, traffic signals, etc.
AMO is designed to provide two kinds of data: metadata (data that describes other data) and raw data (encrypted data).

Only after acquiring permission from the data provider can data consumers decrypt and access personally identifiable data and other sensitive data.
A solution that issues and manages authentication certificates for safe data communications.
Specialized for cars and IoT devices to safely verify and manage devices. Secures data integrity by encrypting sensitive data. Manages authentication certificates without forming any additional infrastructure by using cloud-based services.
A device for data collection. Gathers all in-car data (regarding velocity, mileage, repair, engine oil check-up/analysis, and more) once attached to the car's OBD-II port.
Able to be handily equipped in your car’s OBD-II port Gathers driving data (mileage, velocity, fuel efficiency, etc.) and car data (engine oil checks, tire pressure, etc.) Transfers and manages data via Bluetooth connection to AMO Mobile Wallet
A mobile application for data collection. Gathers and stores V2X and user data.
Able to import other wallets by Open API source Stores private keys in TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) which protects from malicious attacks caused by information leakage Stores collected data in the network by interconnecting with AMO blockchain via Bluetooth connection
An embedded software-type data collector for smart cars. Gathers and stores V2X and user data.
Collects traffic information, geographical information, and user location information All sensitive data that may be collected will be encrypted before the communication and restoration process Transfers and manages data via Bluetooth connection to AMO Mobile Wallet