For safer, data-driven driving

Our mission

At AMO, we believe that automotive data has the potential to transform mobility as we know it. That is why we created a secure platform where connected car data can be traded – securely and lucratively – for the purpose of enabling innovation. By incentivizing open sharing of data, our mission is to empower everyone from individual drivers and app developers to car manufacturers to seek opportunities in automotive data via AMO. Ultimately, our wish is to facilitate progress in making mobility more secure, sustainable, and rewarding for all.
Our goals

Removing data barriers
From connected cars to MaaS, the automotive industry is undergoing a transformation enabled by one central resource – data.
In every sector, data is a key differentiator for success. Hence for tomorrow’s roads to improve, we believe that
barriers to data access must be reduced. Meanwhile, we are committed to empowering data providers, such as private car
owners, to control how their car data is used, while conforming to global guidelines on digital privacy and data security.
Allowing sustainable mobility
Rapid urbanization is driving the need for more shared, convenient, and environmentally friendly modes of transportation

around the globe. Issues like congestion, road safety, and efficient fuel use are growing priorities that need to be
addressed in order to sustain mobility in the future. We hope that once researchers and businesses gain access to large
sets of relevant data, new ideas and insights can help eliminate obstacles to keeping people on the road, sustainably.
Enabling smarter services
Already, various mobility services and apps bring exceptional value to our daily lives, from real-time traffic information apps
and app-connected car keys to ride-hailing. But in order to improve, innovators will require access to diverse data on
consumer needs and preferences. Our goal is to allow businesses to obtain actionable data required to create new
personalized and optimized services that push the envelope in modern mobility.
Core values

Fair trade between participants
Supports fair valuation of data and distribution of rewards
Retention of ownership
Facilitates interaction between participants while preserving data ownership and usage rights
Open for everyone
Provides a platform where anyone can share car data and process it into more valuable output
Neutral to car models & services
Offers a neutral platform not subordinated to any particular manufacturer or service provider
Quantifies the value of data, allowing both data providers and data consumers to benefit from the exchange
AMO was founded in 2017 in response to the accelerating progress and emerging opportunities in the area of connected vehicles, electric mobility, and smart cities. AMO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Penta Security Systems Inc., the top cyber security vendor in Asia, as recognized by Frost & Sullivan. Established in 1997, Penta Security Systems is a forerunner in automotive cybersecurity with its smart car security solution AutoCrypt®. Since entering development in 2007, AutoCrypt® has been integrated into several connected car initiatives in Korea and abroad, including government-led smart city testbeds.
Team members
  • SangGyoo Sim
    Ph.D & M.S., POSTECH
    Creator of AutoCrypt
    15+ years experience in IT & Security
  • KwonKoo Kwak
    B.A., Hanyang University
    Co-Founder of iNetCop
    10+ years experience in IT & Security
  • DS Kim
    XBrain Founding Member & Advisor
    20+ years experience in IT & Security
  • Daniel ES Kim
    Chief Technology Officer,
    Penta Security Systems
    20+ years experience in IT & Security
  • MinWoo Nam
    Head of R&D
    B.S., Hanyang University 
    Creator of AuthentiCA
    Creator of ISign & ISign+
    15+ years experience in IT & Security
  • KyungMoon Nam
    15+ years experience in IT
  • SungKyoon Chung
    Chief Architect
    Creator of Penta CryptoWallet
    15+ years experience in IT & Security
  • JaeYoung Hwang
    CLO, Attorney
    B.A., Seoul National University School of Law
    J.D., Sungkyunkwan Univ. Law School
    Co-Founder of Clubwise Co. Ltd.
    Founder and CRO, Reperire Co. Ltd.
  • Jaeson Yoo
    Chief Evangelist
    B.A., Occidental College
    Principal Consultant, Cooper21 Consulting LLC.
    15+ years experience in business development
Advisory board
  • Gilles Delfassy
    Board of Directors,
    ON Semiconductor
    Gilles Delfassy is a member of the Board of Directors of ON Semiconductor, Cavendish Kinetics Inc., and e-Lichens S.A, and Chairman of the Board of Kalray S.A.. He was Senior VP and Executive Officer of TI until 2007. From 2009 to 2012 he was President and CEO of ST-Ericsson.
  • Edward Piao
    CEO, Bluechain Asset Management
    Co., Ltd and Interblock Inc.
    Lawyer Edward Piao graduated from Peking University, majoring Political Administration. He officially became a lawyer after passing Chinese National Judicial Examination. Currently, he is the representative of “China Blockchain Application Research Center (CBAC)” for Seoul office.
  • Kazunari Miyazaki
    Head of NEC Venture Fund,
    Director of BIGLOBE
    Kazunari Miyazaki is the former head of the NEC Venture Fund and Director of BIGLOBE , the Yahoo of Japan. Miyazaki has 10+years of experience in M&A, accounting and finance, supporting portfolio companies, conceptualizing and identifying market needs, and implementing result-oriented strategies.
  • Carol Streitberger Brighton
    President and Owner,
    CSBrighton Consulting
    Carol Brighton is President of CSBrighton Consulting. Formerly the Group VP of Corporate Internal Communication for STMicroelectronics in Switzerland, Brighton's expertise in communications and investor relations also comes from a career as Vice-President of Global Communication for ST-Ericsson.
  • YoungHa Kim
    Former CEO, Samsung
    Electronics China
    YoungHa Kim spent over three decades at Samsung Electronics, focusing on the Chinese market. Retired in 2015, Kim is currently Professor at Dankook University.
  • Chance Du
    General Partner at
    Coefficient Ventures
    Chance Du is Founding Partner at Coefficient Ventures, a multi-strategy crypto fund with presence in North America, Asia, and Europe.
  • Teddy Hyunwoong Kim

    Co-Founder of Gridwiz,
    Chief of R&D Center & EV Dept.
    Teddy Kim co-founded Gridwiz, a company specializing in solutions that economically manage customers' energy consumptions. He is a specialist on Distributed Energy Resource (DER) including EV application.
  • Ted Jung
    Founder and CEO of
    Crypton and Vectors
    Ted Jung is a renowned and experienced CEO and IT influencer in Korea. In 2018, Jung founded Chain Labs, a blockchain research and development lab.
  • Bonghan Brian Cho
    Founder and CEO of
    Equalkey Corp., Korea
    Dr. Cho is the founder and CEO of Equalkey Corp. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of DBS Group Holdings Ltd and DBS Bank Ltd. Previous appointments included Executive VP for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Deputy CEO and CIO for Hana Financial Holdings, and CTO of the Next Banking Generation System at KB Kookmin Bank.
  • Huy Kang Kim

    Associate Professor, Department of
    Cyber Defense, Korea University
    Professor Kim is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Cyber Defense and Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University. His previous appointments include leading the KAIST UNIX Society (KUS), Technical Director and Head of Information Security of NCSOFT, and founder of A3 Security Consulting, the first ever information security consulting firm in Korea.
  • Gu-Min Jeong
    Professor, Kookmin University
    Jeong is a Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering, and also a chair of mirror committee for ISO TC22 SC31/32 in KATS, and of the IT convergence committee of KAMA. His previous appointments include his positions as Advisory Professor for Samsung Electronics regarding IoT and In 2016, Advisory Professor for NAVER, and Visiting Associate Professor of ICS, UC Irvine, CA, USA. Before joining Kookmin University, he co-founded NeoMtel.

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