Unlocking growth opportunities
Automotive Manufacturing

Electrical and Mechanical Components Manufacturings
- Allows components to be designed reflected on the car owner’s preferences
- Optimizes the designing and manufacturing process of electrical and mechanical components such as sensor, controller, actuator, etc. by analyzing driving performance data
- Dramatically shortens resource-consuming testing processes and improves resource efficiency
Embedded Software
- Enhances the design level of embedded software for cars, advances quality, and shortens time consumed for development
Automotive Aftermarket

Car repair and maintenance
- Adjust store capacity and inventory to meet demand
- Launch new and improve existing plans and promotions
- Analyze regional and seasonal trends to identify growth opportunities
Electric vehicle charging
- Ideal for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and E-mobility Service Providers (EMPs)
- Analyze demand patterns to optimize charging point operations
- Use insights to drive customer satisfaction
Equipment and accessories
- Harvest insights on consumer driving habits and preferences
- Launch new products that meet consumer needs
- Identify regional and seasonal patterns to optimize growth
Mobility Services and Apps

Targeted services and advertisement
- Analyze trends to reach new demographics
- Optimize targeting to boost engagement and ROI
Traffic information apps
- Improve traffic flow predictions to drive user satisfaction
- Analyze driver behavior to launch new features
Chauffeur and parking apps
- Optimize service availability to drive user satisfaction
- Implement dynamic pricing based on demand patterns
Car rental and car sharing
- Optimize service availability to drive customer satisfaction
- Launch new pricing plans based on demand patterns
- Improve insurance plans (e.g. pay-as-you-go) to drive customer satisfaction
- Analyze traffic accident, vehicle maintenance, and driving pattern data to identify growth opportunities