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AMO Connect

"As a transport service provider, one of our biggest challenges is how to efficiently manage our fleet and drivers. We currently use an in-house platform for resource management, but its limited features are not catering to our need for data-based decision-making. With AMO, we are able to streamline data collection processes, centralize fleet management, and automatize data analytics to reduce costs and optimize operations."
Managing Director, Transportation and Logistics

AMO Connect is a fleet management system for modern logistics providers. It enables optimized collection, management, and use of vehicle data for more sustainable business operations. Service managers can access insights on driving habits to advise specific drivers on safe and economical vehicle use, or use geofencing to reduce inefficiencies in route selection and fleet movement.

"Unlike pumping gas, electric vehicle charging involves direct and automated exchange of data between infrastructure and vehicles. For this reason, our main priority was to establish reliable data security and user authentication across our services, both for supporting smooth business operations and customer satisfaction. We integrated AMO CA with our backend systems in order to block unauthorized access and data tampering. From easy deployment and customized support to advanced technology, AMO ticks all the boxes for what we look for in a security partner."
CEO, eMobility Services

AMO CA is a cloud-based certificate authority service that allows convenient certificate issuance, management, renewal, and revocation for comprehensive identity confirmation. It provides an essential layer of security for environments with automatic authentication and authorization processes, such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems. E-mobility service providers can utilize AMO CA to enable secure communication between electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) and electric vehicles in ISO 15118 standard-based systems.

"Vehicle-to-device (V2D) communication is changing the way drivers interact with their cars, and smartphones are starting to act as vehicle remote controls. Greater connectivity equals new business opportunities, but it also leaves the door open for hackers. We recognized the urgent need to secure V2D communication between vehicles and app-equipped devices in order to alleviate consumer concerns over the protection of their keys and privacy. AMO was able to provide the technology that matched our needs and more."
Project Manager, Automobile Manufacturing

AMO V2D is a security solution that enables authentication and authorization between vehicles, mobile devices, and backend service providers. It allows organizations to prevent key theft and provide user-friendly authentication in connected car environments. In addition to secure generation and revocation of digital vehicle keys, AMO V2G supports the management of digital vehicle keys for multiple vehicles and users, among other features.
Smart City

"The future of cities is connected, and smart roads are the starting point for integrating more data-driven operations into city planning. Automated data exchange between cars, roads, infrastructure, and pedestrians is gradually becoming the transportation status quo. Our mission is to ensure that all smart road communication takes place in a secure environment, without compromising performance and usability. The AMO team is unrivaled in terms of expertise in connected transportation systems security, and they have been able to scale and adjust their solutions to meet our demands for every environment."
Security Manager, Smart Road Testing

The team behind AMO started developing Korea’s first smart car solution in 2007 as an on-demand security solution for auto part and car manufacturers. Since then, the project has expanded to address vulnerabilities in every aspect of connected road infrastructure, including fleet management, mobile telematics, vehicle data monitoring, and highway systems. The solution was officially launched as AutoCrypt® in 2015 by AMO’s parent company, Penta Security Systems. AutoCrypt® has been deployed in major Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS) testbeds across Korea, including K-City, in collaboration with the country’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Going forward, the robust technical foundation of AutoCrypt® will enable further expansion into holistic smart city security.