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Driving data platform
for innovative mobility
Driving data
value sharing platform

AMO is a secure platform for automotive data exchange and valuation, designed to fuel innovation and benefit-sharing in the transportation industry.

Establish ownership over your driving data and allow it to be traded anonymously for fair compensation. Your identity is protected at all times, and selective sharing ensures that you are always in control of what and when to share.

Access reliable and rich automotive data via an open marketplace, and source insights on customer behavior to optimize your business and service development.

Contribute to improving road safety and solving congestion for a sustainable future, while enjoying new mobility services designed to enhance your experience on the road and beyond.
Driving data
value sharing platform

Data provider of various driving data including car information and sensor data will be rewarded as per value within AMO data transaction environment. Collected data will help AMO to build a better driving environment with value added products and services for everyone.
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