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Penta Security Systems

20 Years of Security Expertise, Now for Blockchain

Founded on its data encryption technology in 1997, Penta Security Systems is a leading provider of web, IoT, and data security solutions and services. Beginning with the launch of vehicle security product "AutoCrypt" in August 2015, continuing with smart factory, smart energy, and smart home solutions, Penta Security has continued to thrive in the IoT security industry, paving the way for the secure development of the IoT environment. Most recently, Penta Security announced its entrance into the blockchain industry with AMO Labs, the team behind the car data blockchain infrastructure project.

Business Areas

Enterprise Security

Established Market
Data Encryption + Web Security + Authentication

Top of the leaderboard for both Korea and APAC: Uncontested market leader in information security

IoT Security

Future Market
ITS Security + IoT Security

Total security solution for ITS including connected vehicles and infrastructure, and IoT security platforms for all smart businesses

Blockchain Security

Pioneering Market
Blockchain Security + Blockchain Platform

Secure cryptowallet for multiple currencies with blockchain platform AMO for fast, secure transactions

Recognized Worldwide

World's First

Database encryption technology using query transformation method Data security technology using characteristic preserving encryption
Comprehensive security solution for V2X including infrastructure Open source database encryption solution

Korea's First

RFC2510 PKI-based products Database encryption solution D'Amo
Smart Factory Security Solution Penta Smart Factory Security Smart Energy Security Solution Penta Smart Energy Security
Index-column encryption technology KCDSA Digital Signature System
My Number Security Solution for Japanese Market Key Management Server, obtaining highest domestic certification (EAL3+)
POS Security Solution First appliance-type SSO ISign+

International & Domestic Patents

International & Domestic Certifications

Technical Personnel

Product Awards