ICO Specifications

Coin Name


Coin Value

200,000 AMO = 1 ETH

Total Supply

20,000,000,000 AMO

Minimum Transaction Amount

Pre sale: 5 ETH
Crowd sale: 0.1 ETH

Soft Cap


Hard Cap

Pre-Sale: 800,000,000 AMO
Crowd Sale: 1,040,000,000 AMO

Token Type


ICO Calendar

Pre-Sales (20% Bonus) - COMPLETE

  • KYC begins - May 28 - 09:00 KST

  • Sales begin - June 9 - 09:00 KST

  • Sales end - June 16 - 09:00 KST

Crowd Sale - COMPLETE

  • KYC begins - June 18 - 09:00 KST

  • Sales begin - July 14 - 09:00 KST

  • Sales end - July 21 - 09:00 KST


There are two ICO schedules that you should be aware of: Pre-Sales, which will run from June 9th to June 16 (KYC begins May 28), and Crowd Sales which will run from July 14 to July 21 (KYC begins June 18). Please remember that you must register for KYC in order to participate in the sales! All dates and times are by Korean Standard Time (UTC +9).

The biggest difference between the sales are the bonuses involved in the coin offerings. For pre-sales participants, we offer a 20% bonus on top of what you have registered to purchase. For crowd sale participants, there is no added bonus offer.

It is simple to get involved! First, you will need to have an ERC20-based private address or wallet (not from an exchange). Then, register your KYC (here is a previous post we have written on how you can do that), and then once your registration has been confirmed, send Ethereum to the Smart Contract address that you will be given.

AMO ICO participation will only be available with Ethereum (ETH).

We have written an extensive guide on KYC, or Know Your Customer. Basically, KYC is a process the customer goes through to identify themselves so that the seller can verify the identity of a buyer, making sure that sales will be legitimate. The process is extremely quick, and you will receive an email confirmation from our team within 24 hours.

For public sales, the transaction is automatically processed by a smart contract (Token Contract). Therefore, as soon as your KYC is confirmed and Ethereum has been wired, your AMO Coins will be sent.
Token Contract Address: 0x38c87aa89b2b8cd9b95b736e1fa7b612ea972169
Token Symbol: AMO
Decimal: 18

The total supply for AMO Coin is 20 billion, and 8 billion will be allocated to sales.

All remaining coins that are not sold by the end of the sales period will be burned completely.

No. Regardless of what ETH may cost in your currency, 1ETH will always equal 200,000 AMO Coins.

We are currently in discussions with various domestic (South Korean) and international exchanges. Once final decisions are made, we will be announcing it on our official channels!