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AMO CA is an authentification management service for IoT system.

The Essential Key of IoT

The IoT environment has various things connected by the internet, enabling convenient user experience. Subsequently, businesses in various industries are utilizing interconnected devices to increase business efficiency. However, concerns of privacy violation such as information regarding user location and access records continue to rise, and incidents of IoT devices being abused are incrementally surfacing. In order to decrease such risk factors, IoT devices must be safely authenticated and managed, data inside devices and in transit be encrypted, and message integrity be guaranteed.

Safe User and Device Authentication

Sensitive Data Encryption

Ensuring Message Integrity


Easy Authentication

AMO CA is a cloud-based service that demands no complicated configuration to an infrastructure. Issuance and management of certificates are done easily done whenever, wherever.

Diverse Application

AMO CA provides certificates (X.509, IEEE 1609.2) that can be used in various industries.

Comprehensive Security

AMO CA is a PKI-based IoT security service that securely authenticates IoT devices, encrypts sensitive data, and ensures message integrity of data in transit.