AMO mainnet coin swap guide

Hello, AMO family

Mainnet support has been completed at Bithumb Exchange where our AMO is listed.

It is now possible to convert the existing ERC20-based AMO Token to AMO Coin that supports AMO Mainnet.

In order to use Bithumb Exchange in the future, you must convert to AMO coins and use them.  

Please note that if you deposit the existing ERC 20-based AMO with Bithumb, it may be lost. 

Coinone exchanges that have not yet completed the mainnet conversion can still use only ERC20-based AMO Tokens. 

If you use both exchanges, please be careful not to get confused. 


In order to convert ERC20-based AMO Token to AMO Mainnet Coin, the following steps must be taken.


  1. Create  AMO mainnet wallet address ( on Bithumb Exchange )
    1. Create an AMO mainnet wallet using the wallet management function of Bithumb Exchange.
      1. Wallet Management --> Deposit (on the top right)

      2. Search AMO
      3. Create a new address on the AMO mainnet
    2. AMO Coin Swap Application
      1. Access the coin swap application service page (  (You can use Google Translation on this page)
      2. Enter the "wallet address you currently have (ERC-20)" in the upper  input fields
        ** Please do not enter the wallet address of the exchange (Coin One), MUST enter your personal wallet (AMO WALLET, etc.) address
      3. In the lower input field, enter the AMO mainnet wallet address that you just created at Bithumb Exchange. (on step 1)
      4. Enter the two values ​​and click the "SWAP REQUEST" button to submit the swap request
        (then you will see something like this)

        1. shown in the picture above, you will see three wallet addresses, in order from the top:
          1."Currently holding ERC20 AMO wallet address" (exchange address prohibited)
          2. "Coin swap temporary address that you should send your AMO to "
          3. "The AMO mainnet address to which the swapped coins will be deposited" (the Bithumb exchange address just created)

          The most important of these is to accurately identify the second "temporary deposit address" .
          If you deposit to the wrong address, it is impossible to swap to the mainnet, and the misdeposited AMO token will disappear (not recoverable!!)

      5. Depositing the currently held AMO Token to the specified address
        1. Deposit the AMO Token to be swapped to the "Deposit Address" identified above .
        2. The conversion to the AMO mainnet will be completed within about 1 hour.


PS. If you have any difficulties while proceeding, please contact us at the Kakao Talk open chat room below and we will be happy to inform you.

1:1 open chat room for coin swap support:
AMO official telegram room:
AMO official Kakao chat room  : https://open.kakao .com/o/gVFIQnab (190629)
AMO Official Email:

Thank you.