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Buy and sell data through AMO to unleash the true potential of car data exchanged between drivers, auto manufacturers, and service providers.

Partnering with...

Coefficient Ventures is a multi-strategy cryptocurrency fund with strong presence all over North America, Asia, and Europe. The company has a fast-growing developer community and a strong ecosystem approach to the unprecedented journey we call the blockchain.
Penta Security is a market-leading IT-security company, with 20 years of expertise in powering secure connections. As the top cybersecurity vendor in Asia, recognized by Frost & Sullivan, Penta Security takes a whole-system approach to security in this era of hyper web integration.

The AMO Team has a solid tech team, strong industry resources, and experience, which I think are crucial to be successful in their vertical. They've worked in blockchain projects for years and deeply understand the potential of blockchain technology. This is why I took on AMO as my first advisory project in Korea, and third overall along with Tomochain in Singapore and IoTex in the US.

Chance DuFounding Partner, Coefficient Ventures

AMO Blockchain

AMO is blockchain project to create and operate the AMO Market, a market where car data can be shared and exchanged. Placing control back into the hands of data producers, AMO allows users to turn them into public assets that help create better products, services and experiences. Market participants are all users related to automobiles be it automobile users, automobile manufacturers, or automotive service providers.

For the car user

From the vehicle's first registration to the final scrapping, all data from the car can be shared in exchange for coins. Drivers can then purchase services using AMO Coins, and even have the services tailored to their preferences, making the car a seamless extension of one's lifestyle.

For the manufacturer

Comprehensive and accurate data from driver habits or purchasing histories can assist manufacturers in warranty claims management, remote troubleshooting, product planning or even training algorithms for autonomous cars.

For the service provider

From retailers to public transport, to advertisers and app designers, accurate user and vehicle data shared with the right permissions will enable compliance and smart, data-backed business decisions. Opportunities to deliver superior brand experiences are plenty with targeting and service optimizations.

As AMO Market is built on the AMO Blockchain to be a technology-based economic system, it supports equal participation and trading, using AMO Coin as means of payment. Network effects guarantee the continuous generation of value from data on the AMO blockchain. As the number of participants grows, a virtuous cycle is set in motion for enhanced products and services, efficient troubleshooting and optimized car journeys.

How It Works

AMO Market consists of AMO Blockchain and AMO Platform which supports it. Participants have both data giving and consuming roles, and the car data produced while using the car can be traded in to be processed. The value of the data is determined by the supply and demand within AMO Platform and is paid out with AMO coin.

How We Differ

All Types of Data

Data comes in many forms, but currently, systematic collection and management of data in cars can be extremely limited. Other ICOs may purport to collect data, when they are able to collect only specific types. AMO is able to collect V2X, In-Car Data, and User Data from three different layers, allowing for comprehensive data collection to provide a unified data collection system. Data will consist not only of what is generated by drivers and other car users, but also secondary output (Processed Car Data) from those who provide any kind of services within the auto industry.

V2X Data

  • Traffic information

  • Communication information

  • Location information

In-Car Data

  • Vehicle maintenance information

  • Charging information

  • Battery information

  • Sensor detection information

User Data

  • Data usage

  • Application location information

  • Billing information


Cars are an inextricable part of our lives, and as such particular care must be given to both internally and externally generated car data as they contain highly sensitive information. AMO takes care of this by utilizing the AMO Wallet to encrypt sensitive information and issuing encryption keys through AuthentiCA. The data consumer is able to decrypt the data only after acquiring permission from the data producer, and the authorization process between these entities is end-to-end encrypted—meaning the AMO Platform cannot decrypt or access any of the communication.

Experience and History

AutoCrypt®, a security solution for connected cars, autonomous vehicles, and smart cars, launched in 2015; however, work developing the solution began in 2007 as an on-demand security solution for auto part and car manufacturers. With major partnerships as well as continuous progress into ITS projects nationwide, AutoCrypt® brings tried and true solutions to the table. As part of AMO Market, AutoCrypt® will continue to provide comprehensive security technology to create more convenient and secure cars.

  • 2007.  Security between Vehicle and Diagnostic Device

  • 2011.  Security between Vehicle and Nomadic (mobile) Device

  • 2012.  Security for Patrol Car Fleet Management

  • 2013.  V2X Security over DSRC (WAVE)

  • 2014.  Mobile Telematics Security (consulting)

    VDMS (Vehicle Data Monitoring System) Security

  • 2016.  Security for C-ITS Testbed (Daejon-Sejong)

  • 2017.  Security for Electric Vehicle Charging System

    Enhancement to C-ITS Testbed (Daejon-Sejong)

    Security for C-ARS Testbed (Yeoju)

    Security for K-City (Hwaseong)

  • 2018.  Scheduled Highway C-ITS Deployments

    (2018~2020, in planning)

* C-ITS : Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System
* C-ARS : Cooperative Automated Driving Roadway System
* K-City : Korea Autonomous Mobility City

The AMO Team has also showcased AutoCrypt® and AMO Blockchain in over 90 conferences and forums.

  • 2018 January. 

    Automotive World 2018 @ Tokyo, Japan

  • 2018 March. 

    EV/ZE Ready @ Paris, France

    Autonomous Cooperative Driving Industry Promotion Council @ Seoul, Korea

  • 2018 April. 

    ISO/IEC 15118 Test Symposium 8th @ Shanghai, China

  • 2018 May. 

    Plugfest Spring 2018 @ Plymouth, USA

    ITS Asia-Pacific @ Fukuoka, Japan

  • 2018 June. 

    ITS America @ Detroit, USA

    CPC Crypto Devcon 2018 @ Stanford, USA

  • 2018 July. (TBA) 

    Autonomous Vehicle Symposium @ San Francisco, USA

    MS Inspire @ Las Vegas, USA

  • 2018 October. (TBA) 

    CharIN Asia Seminar @ Bangkok, Thailand

    PlugFest Fall 2018 @ Taipei, Taiwan

Proven Results in Technology Development

AMO differentiates itself from other Car/Automobile ICOs through a reverse ICO concept. Other ICOs most likely have no current way to exchange data for value, and promise business plans without automotive expertise or knowhow. However, AMO already holds technologies and products researched and developed through years of expertise, they will be implemented into the blockchain, allowing for a safe, efficient economy.


  • Tested on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) since 2016, with support from Korean government

  • Secured communications between 3,000 AutoCrypt-enabled vehicles and 79 Roadside Units (RSU) in first ITS project

  • Invited to head installation of security systems for Korea's new K-City test bed for self-driving cars

  • AutoCrypt V2X encrypts and secures all types of telematics data including toll payments and traffic or accident data

  • AutoCrypt PKI provides authentication for vehicles, entities and devices, on top of protecting driver privacy


  • Cloud CA service for IoT devices in smart cars, smart factories, smart homes and smart energy infrastructure

  • User and device authentication solution applied to 700,000 smart meters in Norwegian AMI security system

  • Complete certificate management to allow anyone to implement strong PKI-based IoT security

  • Provides sensitive data encryption and ensures integrity of device-to-device communications

Penta CryptoWallet™

  • Hardware wallet that transacts anywhere with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity to PC and smartphones

  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE) and key management for total security throughout cryptocurrency environment

  • Secure device access with MFA, including OTP, PIN, and biometric authentication

  • Additional integrations include the mobile app AMO Mobile Wallet, and AMO Auto Wallet

AMO Data Collector™


  • 2018


    • Public sale and token distribution

  • 3Q

    • AMO Mobile Wallet v1 Launch (AMO Token Transfer)
    • AMO CA v1 Launch (Beta)

  • 2019


    • Testnet Launch (AMO Blockchain Beta Launch)
    • AMO Data Collector Launch
    • AMO Mobile Wallet v2 Launch (Communication with Data Collector)
    • AMO CA v2 Launch (GA Version)
    • CAR DATA Open Specifications Release

  • 2Q

    • AMO Auto Wallet v1 Launch
    • AMO Mobile Wallet v3 Launch (Communication with Auto Wallet/Testnet)
    • AMO Foundation Established

  • 3Q

    • Mainnet Launch (AMO Blockchain v1)
    • AMO SDK v1 Launch
    • AMO CA v3 Launch
    • AMO Asia Expo Open

  • 2020


    • AMO Auto Wallet v2 Launch (Communication with Mainnet)
    • AMO SDK v2 Launch
    • Payment using AMO Wallet

  • 3Q

    • AMO Client for Service Provider v1 Launch (AMO Data Manager, GUI for SDK)

  • 4Q

    • AMO Blockchain v2 Launch
    • AMO World Expo Open

  • 2021


    • AMO Blockchain v3 Launch


Gilles Delfassy

Board of Directors at ON Semiconductor
Gilles Delfassy is a member of the Board of Directors of ON Semiconductor, Cavendish Kinetics Inc., and e-Lichens S.A, and Chairman of the Board of Kalray S.A.. He started his career with Texas Instruments and created and led the Smartphone Semiconductor business of TI, growing it to a five-billion-dollar operation. He was Senior VP and Executive Officer of TI until 2007. From 2009 to 2012 he was President and CEO of ST-Ericsson.

Chance Du

General Partner at Coefficient Ventures
Chance Du is Founding Partner at Coefficient Ventures, a multi-strategy crypto fund with presence in North America, Asia, and Europe. Her passion and knowledge for decentralized governance protocol has led her to speak about blockchain technology at leading industry conferences including the Stanford Cryptocurrency Exchange conference, De/Centralize 2018 Singapore, Ether Denver, Google Female Founders Summit, and Fintech Silicon Valley among many others.

Seokwoo Lee

Founder and CEO of Penta Security Systems
Lee founded Penta Security Systems, a Korean IT-security firm, in 1997. The company quickly globalized its operations, entering Japan, the United States, and Singapore. Lee transformed the company by diversifying its technologies and advancements from WAF to IoT security technologies. In 2010 He was awarded by (ISC)²® with the Information Security Leadership Achievements award. In addition to co-founding xBrain, he is also adjunct professor at POSTECH as well as the founding chairman of POSTECH’s Association of POSTECH Grown Companies.

Kazunari Miyazaki

Head of NEC Venture Fund, Director of BIGLOBE
Kazunari Miyazaki is the former head of the NEC Venture Fund and Director of BIGLOBE , the Yahoo of Japan. Since its beginning in July 1996, BIGLOBE has expanded the services offered beyond ISP connection services to extend to portal sites, broadband content and numerous other Internet services. Miyazaki has 10+years of experience in M&A, accounting and finance, supporting portfolio companies, conceptualizing and identifying market needs, and implementing result-oriented strategies.

Carol Streitberger Brighton

President and Owner, CSBrighton Consulting
Carol Brighton is President of CSBrighton Consulting, specializing in advising high-tech companies in Europe and the US and helping to pave the way for successful and profitable acquisitions. Formerly the Group VP of Corporate Internal Communication for STMicroelectronics in Switzerland, Brighton's expertise in communications and investor relations also comes from a career as Vice-President of Global Communication for ST-Ericsson and previous work in Texas Instruments.

YoungHa Kim

Former CEO, Samsung Electronics China
YoungHa Kim spent over three decades at Samsung Electronics, focusing on the Chinese market. His previous appointments as the head of the Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai branches before being elected the CEO of Samsung Electronics China in 2011 were due to his business acumen and his ability to achieve financial results for the company. He has been credited with developing strong retail sales networks in China, bringing Samsung mobile phones to hold the top market share position in the country from 2013 onward. Retired in 2015, Kim is currently Professor at Dankook University.

Bonghan Brian Cho

Founder and CEO of Equalkey Corp., Korea
Dr. Cho is the founder and CEO of Equalkey Corp., an AI firm focusing on transforming education using an innovative and systematic approach. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of DBS Group Holdings Ltd and DBS Bank Ltd. Previous appointments included Executive VP and CIO for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Deputy CEO and CIO for Hana Financial Holdings, and CTO of the Next Banking Generation System at KB Kookmin Bank. Cho holds a Ph.D and M.S. in Computer Science, specializing in AI. Cho has also received recognition for his contributions to the software industry with the Republic of Korea President Award.

Teddy Hyunwoong Kim

Co-Founder of Gridwiz, Chief of R&D Center & EV Dept.
Teddy Kim co-founded Gridwiz, a company specializing in solutions that economically manage customers' energy consumptions. Gridwiz’s Distributed Resource (DR) solution is considered the number one solution in the industry, and Gridwiz provides solution packages for DR, Distributed Energy Resource (DER), Smart Factory, and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. He also currently heads the R&D center the Electric Vehicle department as the resident expert in ISO/IEC 15118 standardization (wired and wireless V2G communication). He is a specialist on Distributed Energy Resource (DER) including EV application.

Gu-Min Jeong

Professor, Kookmin University
Jeong is a Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering,and also a chair of mirror committee for ISO TC22 SC31/32 in KATS , and of the IT convergence committee of KAMA. He is also a chair of the Infineon Center (funded by Infineon, Germany) and the Hyundai Odin Center, both at Kookmin University. His previous appointments include his positions as Advisory Professor for Samsung Electronics regarding IoT and In 2016, Advisory Professor for NAVER regarding smart cars and autonomous driving, and Visiting Associate Professor of ICS, UC Irvine, CA, USA. Before joining Kookmin University, he co-founded NeoMtel and was a manager at SK Telecom.

Huy Kang Kim

Associate Professor, Department of Cyber Defense, Korea University
Professor Kim is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Cyber Defense and Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University. His main research areas include data-driven security (e.g., fraud detection system, intrusion detection system in vehicles, and user behavior analytic system). His previous appointments include leading the KAIST UNIX Society (KUS), Technical Director and Head of Information Security of NCSOFT, and founder of A3 Security Consulting, the first ever information security consulting firm in Korea.

Chang Rok Jeon

Former VP, Samsung Electronics Mobile Division
Chang Rok Jeon was Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Division, and led global marketing and retail operations. His experience of over 20 years as well as focus for optimizing customer experience contributed to the company’s success in its 35,000+ branded stores and No.1 mobile device. Currently, he is a columnist for the ChoSun Ilbo and the Korea Economic Daily on topics like the Fourth Revolution (Industry 4.0). He also lectures on the state of Korean enterprises at the Institute of Global Management (IGM), while also working as an angel investor and startup accelerator, particularly to emphasize the need for startups to rise up in this fourth industrial revolution era.

Ted Jung

Founder and CEO of Crypton and Vectors
Ted Jung is a renowned and experienced CEO and IT influencer in Korea. With expertise in blockchain corporation building, IPO/ICO and mobile services, he began and continues to lead Crypton, a blockchain and cryptocurrency mobile platform allowing for easy and convenient usage of cryptocurrency for the 99%. He is also the founder of web agency e-motion (KOSDAQ listed company), 1km (the top mobile location-based SNS in Korea downloaded over six million times), digital marketing agency e-motion global, and blockchain builder Vectors, where he also presides as CEO. In 2018, Jung founded Chain Labs, a blockchain research and development lab.



SangGyoo Sim


• Creator of AutoCrypt
• Ph.D & M.S., POSTECH
• R&D Engineer, Samsung Electronics
• Adjunct Prof. in Dongduk Women’s University
• Adjunct Prof. in Soonchunhyang University
• Head of Penta IoT Convergence Lab
• 15+ years experience in IT & Security

Daniel ES Kim


• Creator of D'Amo
• Chief Technology Officer, Penta Security Systems
• 20+ years experience in IT & Security










DS Kim


• Cloudbric Co-Founder
• XBrain Founding Member & Advisor
• 20+ years experience in IT & Security

KyungMoon Nam

Head of Strategy

• WebCash
• 15+ years of experience in IT

Erik Tan

Head of Operations

• B.A., University of Wales
• Senior Manager, Certis CISCO
• Senior Manager, LHN Group
• 10+ years experience in IT

Jaeson Yoo

Chief Evangelist

• B.A., Occidental College
• Principal Consultant, Cooper21 Consulting LLC.
• 15+ years experience in business development 

SungKyoon Chung

Head of R&D

• Creator of Penta CryptoWallet
• Founder of GRock Information
• 15+ years experience in IT & Security

Blockchain Development

SungOk Choi

Head of Blockchain Development

• B.S., Kookmin University
• R&D Engineer, AGE System
• R&D Engineer, IEXE
• R&D Engineer, Digital Core
• R&D Engineer, MachLock International
• R&D Engineer, Solusseum
• R&D Engineer, Intelligent Wave Korea
• 15+ years experience in IT & Security 

Niyikiza Aimable

Blockchain Consultant

• B.S. in Electrical Engineering, KAIST
• Co-Founder of Go Ltd (Rwanda)















KwonKoo Kwak

Blockchain Development

• B.A., Hanyang University
• Co-Founder of iNetCop
• 10+ years experience in IT & Security

JungSik Hwang

Blockchain Development

• M.S., Korea University
• 10+ years experience in IT & Security 







JoonHyuk Han

Blockchain Development

• R&D Engineer, Seodu Logic
• R&D Engineering, Oullim
• R&D Engineer, PineOne
• Founder of Uners, Inc.
• Director, Rainbow Wireless
• 20+ years experience in IT & Security

JongGook Lee

Development Researcher

• B.S., Wonkwang University
• 25+ years experience in IT & Security

YoungIn Park

Blockchain Development

• M.S., Hanyang University
• Developer of WAPPLES, D'Amo, AutoCrypt, AuthentiCA
• 15+ years experience in IT & Security 


DeaKyu Seo

Blockchain Development

• B.S., Anyang University
• R&D Engineer, LG Telecom
• 10+ years experience in IT & Security

Automotive Engineering

KiHo Joo

Head of Automotive Engineering

• Ph.D, Seoul National University
• R&D Engineer, Samsung Display
• Planning, Midas IT
• 10+ years experience in IT & Security

DongHun Ko

Client Development

• B.S., Jeju University
• R&D Engineer, INCA Internet
• R&D Engineer, A3 Security
• 15+ years experience in IT & Security




JungWook Kim

Client Development

• B.S., Inha University
• R&D Engineer, Samsung Electronics
• R&D Engineer, Gretech
• 15+ years experience in IT & Security

SangWon Seo

Server Development

• M.S., Kookmin University

HyoSeob Kim

Server Development

• M.S., Myongji University


SeungGyu Yu

Client Development

• M.S., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


JeongEun Ki

Server Development

• B.S., Hallym University

Machine Learning

HyeongMin Koo

Head of Machine Learning

• M.S., Ph.D, KAIST
• R&D Researcher, ETRI






MyungJin Kim

Machine Learning Researcher

• M.S., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
• R&D Researcher, KETI

Business Development

Jeiff Kim

Head of Business Development

• M.S., Korea University
• LG Electronics
• Founder of nSketch
• 15+ years experience in IT

SeungGoo Kim

Business Manager

• Nextaeon
• Biz Advisor, Ssenypang





John Park

Business Manager

• B.S., Computer Science, Harvey Mudd College

JaeYoung Hwang

Legal Affairs Manager, Attorney

• B.A., Seoul National University School of Law
• J.D., Sungkyunkwan Univ. Law School
• Co-Founder of Clubwise Co. Ltd.
• Founder and CRO, Reperire Co. Ltd.

User Experience & Product Development

John Kim

Product Manager

• B.S., North Carolina State University





HanJun Lee

Product Planning

• M.S., Korea University

Ashley Cha

Product Planning

• M.S., Korea University

YeonTae Kim

Product Manager

• M.S., Korea University

DaeYoung Hyun

Product Planning

• M.S., Sungkyunkwan University

JiRok Song

UX Design

• B.A., Seoul Digital University
• 10+ years experience in design, IT

Marketing & Communications

G-Hun Pak

Head of Marketing & Communications

• B.F.A., Korea National University of Arts
• 15+ years experience in marketing and design

Esther Jeohn

Global Marketing

• B.A., Duke University






Anna Aminoff

Global Marketing

• B.A., Yonsei University

Kaiying Fu

Global Marketing

• B.A., Yonsei University

Elaina Yoon

Global Marketing

• B.A. Chungang University

SeongWon Kim


• B.A. Dongguk University


MyungJin Jeon


• B.A. Seoul Women's University


HyeYoung Hwang

Global Marketing

• B.S., Donga University