Authentic Blockchain
and Data Economy for
Smart Cars

AMO is a...

Blockchain Platform that connects cars, people and service providers through an integrated Database. We designed it specifically to optimize your data and give you agency over how it is used. With just a click of a button you could monetize your weekend drives or your family trips.

The more you drive,
the more you get!

We are proud to have...

60+ Technology Patents
35+ Product Awards
20+ Years of Security Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is AMO?
A. AMO envisions to create a car data exchange blockchain platform called AMO Market.
Q. What is AMO Market?
A. AMO Market is a blockchain platform which enables a free exchange of mainly three different types of data - Car Internal Data, Car Network Data, Car User Data. AMO Coins are given to every car data sharer, once the data has been transacted on the AMO Market.
Q. What sets AMO apart from other car data related blockchain projects?
A. AMO boasts two main qualities - its unique business infrastructure, along with a wide range of car data collection through advanced technology.
In terms of business, AMO Market shows no limits in the expansion of its scope. The growth in volume, diversity and quality of car data collection will provide a lucrative environment for all different types of industries and service providers to contribute to AMO Market. As for technology, AMO gurantees a state-of-the-art automobile security, as securing all network is a critical part of the AMO Market. Penta Security's 10 years of experience in developing car security solutions such as AutoCrypt, will ensure a safe ground for all users to actively participate in AMO ecosystem.

Ⅱ. AMO Coin

Q. What is the total AMO Coin supply and its circulation in the market?
A. Total Token Supply: 20,000,000,000 AMO
Tokens for Sale During ICO: 8,000,000,000 AMO - 40% of total supply (including bonus)
Tokens Sold: 7,679,012,762 AMO (approximately 96%)
Unsold Tokens: 320,987,238 AMO - Burned (approximately 1.6%)
Initial Circulating Token Supply: Approximately 8,950,000,000 AMO
Q. What about AMO Coin Lock-ups?
A. Lock-up Period: 6 months from July 21st, 2018
Tokens Subject to Lock-up
- Selected tokens distributed during Private Sale
- Selected bounty tokens
- Selected bonus tokens
- AMO Labs team reward tokens: Subject to a 2 year lock-up with 6 month vesting period
Q. Where can I trade AMO Coins?
A. AMO Coins can be traded on Trebit and LBank
Here are the following schedules for exchange listing:

- November 21st: Coinmex Listing
- December 30th: Major Global Exchange Listing

Ⅲ. AMO Product

Q. What is AMO Product?
A. AMO Product consists of data collection compartments - AMO Wallet, AMO Data Collect, authentification compartments - AMO CA, and AMO Blockchain. AMO Data Collector and AMO Wallet both function as a car data collector. AMO CA makes sure provide security and authentification. AMO Blockchain stores all records of car data, allowing users to track the data that has been shared on the Blockchain, within the AMO Market.
Q. AMO Product Development Roadmap
A. AMO Wallet
2018. Q3 : Ver 1 Launch (AMO distribution)
2019. Q1 : Ver 2 Launch (Data Collector synchronization)
2019. Q2 : Ver 3 Launch (Auto Wallet / Testnet synchronization)

2018. Q3 : Ver 1 Launch (Beta)
2019. Q1 : Ver 2 Launch
2019. Q3 : Ver 3 Launch

AMO Blockchain
2019. Q1 : Testnet Launch
2019. Q3 : Mainet Launch
Q. How can I purchase AMO Wallet?
A. AMO Wallet comes in two different versions - AMO Wallet and AMO Wallet S.
AMO Wallet is a hardware wallet available in Android and iOS version.
AMO Wallet S is under development and will be released by early 2019.
Once the product is fully developed, we will be providing a detailed information on the pricing.